Custom Gobo (Pattern) - Glass

Custom Gobo (Pattern) - Glass

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Custom Glass
Usually ships in 5-10 business days.
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Glass Patterns are great for reproducing intricate artwork and for patterns that will be used over and over again (like your company logo). Glass gobos are not recommended for use in the Altman 360Q or 3.5Q fixtures or in any fixture using more than a 750W lamp, unless the fixture is equipped with appropriate heat protection equipment.

If you are looking to order, please contact Gopher Stage Lighting directly by calling 877.871.0138 or emailing and we will be happy to assist you.





B&W or One-Color

2 Days

Gobo will be ready to ship 2 working days ARCO. (standard coatings)


3 Days

Gobo will be ready to ship within 3 working days ARCO.


3 Days

Gobo will be ready to ship within 3 working days ARCO.

Multi-Color / Hi-Def

4 - 5 Days

Gobo will be ready to ship within 4 - 5 working days ARCO.

* ARCO = After Receipt of Complete Order. Complete order means we have received (a) acceptable artwork, (b) job details including gobo size, quantity, image details, etc.


Rush options are also available for customers that need their custom glass gobo faster than the chart above reflects (additional Rush Charges may apply). Please call 877-671-0138 for details.

Black and White and One Color gobos: Black and White or One Color gobos consist of one layer of glass where the image is either in white or may contain black (or one color) and/or grayscale. Usually these are made with an opaque background. In some artwork where black (or one color) and white both make up the actual image, we will keep the artwork as is to achieve exact art replication.

Two Color gobos: A Two Color gobo contains two layers of dichroic coated glass. Typically this includes a black layer (which may include grayscale) plus a simple spot color layer, which is a color that does not require color mixing. The simple spot color can include grayscale. Alternatively, a Two Color gobo can contain two layers of simple spot colors, without any black or grayscale.

Three Color gobos: a three Color gobos is 3 layers of glass which would contain the black and two other simple spot colors (colors achieved without color mixing). Grayscale can be included.

Multicolor gobos: Multicolor dichroic coated glass gobos have 4 layers of glass. These gobos can involve color mixing to create a range of nuances in color, including gold tones, browns, flesh tones, and pastels. For all glass gobos, we use Rosco coatings to achieve art replication to most closely match the original color artwork we receive.

Artwork Requirements




B&W: line art, grey-scale or photographic

600 dpi

Smooth tonal values require high resolution images.

Multi-Color: line art or Hi-Definition photo-gobo

800 dpi

To achieve smooth color blends and fine details requires a very high resolution file.