ETC Selador Desire D40

ETC Selador Desire D40
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Desire D40

The Desire D40 luminaire combines 40 Luxeon® Rebel emitters onto one unit, for bright, efficient lighting. The PAR-shaped washlight is a multipurpose tool that can be combined into a rig with conventional fixtures or used by itself. The user-interface on the rear of the unit puts the control in your hands - Desire luminaires can be managed by any RDM-enabled controller or on their own. 


D40 fixtures are based on the x7 Color System which uses seven different LED colors to achieve true, usable broad-spectrum color. The D40 luminaire is available with any one of the following x7 color arrays (not interchangeable) to best suit the intended application:

• D40 Vivid – the x7 Color System array balanced for best all-around use as a high-intensity color-changing wash fixture

• D40 Lustr+ – optimized array with six colors plus highintensity white LEDs to create an ideal frontlight wash fixture for full-range color, with an emphasis on lighter colors and white. It naturally lights skin tones

Desire Studio

Efficient, talent-ready white LED lighting for every application - indoors or out.

Designers no longer have to compromise when it comes to white LED lighting! Installations from television and film to architecture and houses of worship - where color temperature and skin-tone rendering are critical - now have an easier, more precise way to light: the Selador® Desire Studio™ range of LED luminaires.


D40 Studio fixtures offer three different LED array choices based on specific white-light functions. The D40 Studio fixture is available with any one of the following arrays (not interchangeable) to best suit the intended application.

• D40 Studio HD – combines warm-white and cool -white LEDs for variable color temperature mixing. Added to this are five carefully chosen LED colors from the Selador x7 Color System™ to fill in the white LED spectral gaps. The highintensity D40 Studio HD provides the richest variable-white light possible in an LED fixture and excellent color rendering

• D40 Studio Daylight – contains forty 5600K LEDs for highintensity, non-variable cool-white output

• D40 Studio Tungsten – contains forty 3000K LEDs for highintensity, non-variable warm-white outp