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Glow Tape
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Glow Tape is used for marking items that cannot be seen in little to no light. Doorways and onstage furniture may be marked so that an actor avoids running into them in a black out. Steps can be marked in clubs, houses of worship, or in theaters to help patrons see the edge and avoid falls. An actor's mark can be seen for entrances in a black out when marked with Glow Tape.

The "Pro" Glow Tape is most common and is best used for individual shows where the tape will be removed and little to no residue is desired.
The "Apollo" Glow Tape is better for longer term usage (ex: taping edges of stairs, marking the center of a stage) as it will remain in place longer.

A common aid for making Glow Tape last longer, beit through the run of a show or for most of the year, is to cover a small piece of Glow Tape with a larger piece of Clear Marley (Dance Floor) Tape. This will help the tape last through sweeping and mopping and general foot traffic.