Rosco Effects Glass-ColorWaves

Rosco Effects Glass-ColorWaves
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Rosco’s ColorWaves are a new idea in glass gobos to help create vibrant colored textures and shapes. Each glass texture – Waves, Sparkelite, Strands, Ripple or Mosaic – is coated in one of five brilliant dichroic colors. The projection is a remarkable and unique combination of color, texture, shading, and blending. ColorWaves are available in standard B Size or in smaller sizes for automated luminaires by special order. Designs marked with an asterisk * are available in X Size for use in the Rosco X-Effects Projector.

ColorWaves are suitable for long term use in fixtures under 600 watts, or for intermittent use in fixtures  up to 1200 watts or less. In these higher wattage luminairies, sustained excessive temperatures may result in cracking, delamination of the Prismatcs' chips or peeling of the dichroic coating.

Usage Notes:

  1. ColorWaves must be used with an Iris Slot Gobo holder in the iris slot of an ellipsoidal luminaire.
  2. ColorWaves for moving lights are supplied in mounting rings to facilitate installation in most automated luminaires.
  3. ColorWaves can be combined with steel patterns in the same Iris Slot gobo holder or may be used in separate holders to achieve differing focal points.
  4. For longer life, install with the coated side towards the lamp.
  5. ColorWaves may be used with higher wattage luminaires than indicated above. However excessive heat may cuase premature color degradation or glass breakage.

If you would like to order Rosco ColorWaves in a size other than B (86mm), please contact Gopher Stage Lighting directly to receive a quote and specify size.