Rosco Effects Glass Prismatics

Rosco Effects Glass  Prismatics
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Prismatics are multi-colored textured patterns made up from tiny chips of dichroic colored glass. Six different colour styles are available in standard B Size or smaller sizes for automated luminaires. Prismatics are recommended for use in moving lights with lamps up to 1200 watts. In ellipsoidal fixtures, they may be used with upto a 600 watt lamp, though short term use with lamps up to 1200 watts may be acceptable. Prismatics are NOT available for use in the Rosco X-Effects Projector.

QUICK TIP: When combining a steel gobo and a Prismatic in the same luminaire, make sure that the placement of the steel gobo is farthest from the light source. This will allow you to achieve a sharp focus on the steel pattern.

Usage Notes:

  1. Prismatics must be used with an iris slot gobo holder in the iris slot of an ellipsoidal luminaire.
  2. Prismatics for moving lights are supplied without mounting rings and must be installed as would be any single layer glass gobo.
  3. Prismatics can be combined with steel patterns in the same iris slot gobo holder or may be used in separate holders to achieve differing focal points.
  4. When using Prismatics in combination with steel gobos, the steel pattern must be furthest from the light source. If installed incorrectly, the light defracting through the prismatic will completely obscure the steel pattern image and prevent any sharp focus on the steel design.
  5. Prismatics may be used with higher wattage luminaires than indicated above. However excessive heat may cause premature color degradation or glass breakage.

If you would like to order Rosco Prismatics in a size other than B (86mm), please contact Gopher Stage Lighting directly to receive a quote and specify size.